Used machines

Choosing the right used machine

Having a brand new Komatsu forest machine is the best experience you can have. But given the quality and exceptional life span of a Komatsu, a pre-owned machine from Komatsu Forest’s authorised dealers is the next best choice. This way you’ll get a machine that has gone through all the thorough Komatsu Forest service routines, and has a reliable maintenance history.

                                          When you choose a Komatsu machine, you also get access to a world-wide network of highly trained service professionals,
                                          and a wide range of Komatsu products for performance enhancing service and maintenance. Because at the end of the day,
                                          it’s not how old the machine is, but how many hours it will continue to give you profit.
                                         Check out the used Komatsu forest machines and other brands currently available below.
                                         Go ahead, it’s the right choice.

                                         Valmet 425EX - 2007                              Timberpro 630 - 2006                                Timberpro 630 - 2008

                                         Logmax 6000B - 2013                              Logmax 7000XT - 2012                            Waratah 24 - 2006



                                         Komatsu PC228US - 2002