Moving Forward

The future of forwarders is here

Yet again we take the lead. This time with a new generation of forwarders. Together with our effective IT-services and proactive maintenance, there is a new path to profitable machine ownership.

Komatsu 875 with a great reach


Our latest generation of forwarders is all about effectiveness. These forwarders comes with really powerful cranes. A great pump and a large valve gives you the best crane driving characteristics on the market. An impressive load capacity, with the Komatsu 875 stepping up in a league of its own. The powerful driveline with high powers and strong traction provides maximum torque at low revs and adapts automatically to terrain, inclines and crane loads.
Komatsu 855 engine


Service should be easy. On these forwarders it is done through easily accessible service doors, which are strategically placed. The electrically opened bonnet is also the service platform with easy access to filters and checkpoints. Choose ProAct 2.0 and it's even easier, since all unplanned downtime is minimised.

Productivity is your focus and that's why we have designed daily service to be quick and easy. Most of the service is done from the ground, which makes the service both safe and easy.
View from inside the cab, steering


Effectiveness is also about user-friendliness. With the new, sleek and smart design, Komatsu has this built-in.

Being an effective forwarder operator should be easy, both when working and when taking care of maintenance. With our machines, it is easy to adjust crane characteristics and machine settings. Automatic central lubrications an Protec Scale are just a few examples of all the smart solutions that make your job easier.

MaxiXplorer displays the operating and production monitoring in an user-friendly interface. When you choose MaxiFleet for visualising and analysing your hardware and production information, you are able to follow the production almost in real time from any connected computer, smartphone or tablet.
Komatsu 855 with Comfort Ride


Komatsu is known for its great ergonomics. This concept takes it even further. A cabin that is spacious in all directions. Large glass surfaces provide excellent visibility up, down and sideways that make the crane operation easier. This and an impressive low noise level gives you a world-class cab that makes every day an effective day.

Effective Communications is the hallmark of a modern workplace. With a powerful touch screen PC you can email and surf the web. With the Media Zone it is easy to recharge your smartphone, manage files or wirelessly connect your phone to the radio. As easy and convenient as in the office.

The cab suspension - Komatsu Comfort Ride - is the option that almost has become a standard in every Komatsu (and the envy of all others). Those who tried, knows the difference.
Komatsu 855 with full load


This generation of forwarders also embodies every aspect of quality. Heavy, well-designed frames and components minimises unplanned downtime. Sturdy chassis, strong bogies and strong cranes are all dimensioned for really tough driving. The articulated joint is cast and the boat-shaped frames are made of high-grade steel.

These forwarders are based on a well-proven technology. We know, trough experience, that these solutions perform well even in really tough conditions.. Everything from the chassis and axles to the crane and controls are thoroughly tested.

Each part is carefully selected to create a sum that delivers maximum functionality and reliability. With ProSelect you also get original spare parts, accessories and consumables that are all tailored to your Komatsu machine.