MaxiFleet Remote Support

Technical assistance at the click of a button

A MaxiFleet agreement gives you access to remote support, allowing experts at Komatsu Forest to connect to your machine and troubleshoot any problems remotely. The result is fast and readily available support and minimised downtime.

Remote support saves both time and money as expensive travel time is avoided, and Komatsu Forest's experts are always on hand. Our technicians can use the remote support service to provide training, troubleshoot problems, adjust machine settings, update software and much more.

The machine overview in MaxiFleet even enables our technicians to monitor alarms and other signs indicating that a machine needs to be checked. The technician can then contact you and connect to the machine to investigate. Even scheduled services can be made more efficient as the technician can prepare for the visit by connecting to the machine remotely.

What's more, MaxiFleet Advanced Plus enables you to provide remote support to all machines within your company/fleet.

How it works
The remote support function always opens in a new window, where the reason for the session can be specified. Connections are always made over a secure VPN. Before remote support begins, the operator must approve the session, after which MaxiXT indicates that a remote support session is in progress.

Remote support

Advanced Plus