Together for a sustainable future

Creating Value Together

Sustainability is an important part of Komatsus history and our brand purpose; to empower a sustainable future where people, businesses and our planet thrive together.


Komatsu have taken on the challenge of becoming CO2-neutral by 2050. But already in 2030, we have a joint target in Komatsu to reduce CO2-emissions by 50% from our production and the use of our machines.*

An important step in this direction was when Komatsu Forest in June 2023 declared our production in Umeå, Sweden, to be CO2-neutral.

In line with our goal to reduce CO2-emissions from the use of our machines, we are working on several parallel activities, of which the electrification of our forest machines is a focus area.

*Compared to base year 2010


Our sustainability policy

This policy guides us in our daily work and is a natural part of all our activities, at our production facility, throughout product development and with our products and solutions at our customers workplaces. It guides us to empower a sustainable future where people, businesses, and our planet thrive together.

three people talking

With people

  • We provide an environment where diverse and global employees can work safely and healthily as one team, with respect for each individual, and with satisfaction and pride.
  • We nurture employees who can take on challenges in various jobsites and regions, create new value together with customers, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
  • As Komatsu Group, we shall respect human rights related to all of our business activities.
Two men in front of forest machine

With business

  • We contribute to society through our business activities by providing our customers with safe and highly productive products, services and solutions that realize sustainable infrastructure development, resource development and a recycling-oriented society.
  • We build relationships with our business partners and local communities that enable mutual trust, fairness, co-existence and co-prosperity.
  • We comply with the rules of society, including laws and regulations, and strive to respond sincerely to the requests and expectations of all stakeholders, including society.

With the planet

  • Through all of our business activities, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and preserve the global environment through the use of advanced technologies.
  • We strive to increase both global environmental conservation and business growth through manufacturing and technological innovation.
  • We pursue collaboration and value creation with our stakeholders towards a sustainable planet and future.
Komatsu Forest production facility

Our production facility

A workplace of the future

With people Our facility is designed for a good work environment, where safety comes first.

With business Our facility is designed to meet the growing need for forest raw material.

With the planet In June 2023 we reached an important milestone, when we became CO2-neutral in our production.

Our customers´ workplace

Technology and innovation of tomorrow

With people In order for our customers’ workplace to be sustainable, the machine needs to be user-friendly and ergonomic.

With business The machine needs to be efficient and profitable for the business.

With the planet At the same time, the machine should be designed to be gentle on the environment and the surroundings in which it operates.

Our digital solutions

Supports sustainable decisions

With people Our digital solutions connect people so that they can collaborate in an easy manner. Functions for marking particular areas and boundaries on the map and writing messages enable the team to help each other do a better job.

With business Vast amounts of production data is stored and our digital solutions help to analyze the data to simplify the working day.

With the planet With data you can make sustainable decisions. Take the shortest way to the timber, make digital fences to secure ancient remains or use different map layers to plan operations based on the most sustainable choice.
Komatsu Forest

Our partnerships and collaborations

Sustainable cooperation

With people As a global entity we also strive to be a valuable partner to communities around the world and compliance with the rules of society is very important to us.

With business We have always worked closely whit our customers to understand and satisfy their needs and collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders is important to us. 

With the planet The concept machine Centipede is a good example of a collaboration project with the Swedish forestry industry.

Our corporate social responsibility

We believe in giving back

With people We regularly contribute to charities such as UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross.

With business We conduct activities that develop our employees, distributors and suppliers, and also leverage our know-how to cultivate talent in the local community. An example is our cooperation with Dragonskolan in Umeå, Sweden.

With the planet With joint efforts, we can do good for our planet. Every year we participate in Earth Day, an event that carries out activities that work to protect our environment. We also participate in global reforestation initiatives.