Komatsu S92

Productive and reliable harvesting unit

Komatsu S92

The S92 is a reliable all-rounder for maximum productivity, even in the most difficult to harvest forests.


Dependable and productive even in tough conditions

The S92 is an allround head that is highly productive and dependable, even in the most difficult of forests. The two-wheel feeding system permits the stems to turn in the head, even those that are forked or are very crooked.

With the Model Year 2024 upgrade, the head has many improvements. Among them are that the intelligent Constant Cut saw motor controller is now standard on the S92. Constant Cut ensures that the head maintains a constant and high chain speed without the risk of overspeeding. There is a new 82 cm saw bar option as well, alongside the standard 75 cm saw bar. This optional saw bar is ideal for final logging.

Efficient feeding with Flex Friction control

Our knife control system, Flex Friction Control, has sensors that ensure the stem is always in the correct position in the feed path. This results in low friction and efficient feeding, without sacrificing the delimbing results.

The feed system also has high flow feed motors, which leads to high capacity while minimising energy losses.

Multitree handling

The S92 can be equipped with an optional multitree equipment, which enables you to harvest several trees at a time. This makes the head more flexible and contributes to increased productivity.

The multi-tree handling function has a new, more durable design. The support plate has an improved design and the multi-tree handling hoses and rotator controller are more protected, extending their service life. The cylinders’ new, more protected placement reduces the risk of snow accumulation too. The new design results in a head that is a full 58 mm lower, making it more agile and simplifying work close to the machine.

Service friendly

The head has a new position in which all lubrication points are accessible from one place, thereby simplifying service and daily maintenance.

Another improvement is that the colour marking tanks have been redesigned to provide easier access for filling. This modification also reduces the risk of snow accumulation.




Komatsu S92 technical drawing
Max widht

1 382 mm

Height incl. rotator

1 873 mm

Height to vertical knife

1 474 mm

Roller opening, max

530 mm

Opening front knife to rear knife

573 mm

Opening front knives

535 mm


Dry weight, incl rotator, from 1018 kg

Feed speed

0-5,5 m/s

Gross feed force

23,4/26.2 kN

Feed wheel type

Steel rollers

Delimbing knives, number


Delimbing knives, opening

373 mm


75/82 cm

Saw motor

19 cm3/rev

Fell/Cut diam. theor. max

615/715 mm

Max hydraulic flow

240 l/min

Max hydraulic pressure

28 MPa

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, not that which is standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.