Smart Crane for harvesters

Crane operation at its simplest

For a harvester operator, an easily operated crane is important for ensuring a productive working day. Every movement that can be simplified contributes to increased production and, ultimately, greater profitability. Now we are taking simplified crane control to the next level with the introduction of Smart Crane for harvesters, which automatically takes care of the telescopic function. The crane acts like a single unit – from the main boom all the way out to the tip of the telescopic arm – in every movement. The result is faster and easier crane operation as well as a more relaxed and effective operator.

Precision in every movement

Presentation of Smart Crane for harvesters

Smooth and precise

Precision and responsiveness are two of the greatest advantages of Smart Crane. The operator can easily steer the head where they want it in smooth, precision movements, contributing to a more relaxed way of working. A relaxed operator can stay focused for longer and work more productively throughout the entire working day. 

Simplifies crane control

Another Smart Crane advantage is the need for fewer joystick movements. With the telescopic arm under automatic control, it is even easier to steer the crane exactly where you want it – with a single joystick movement returning it from full reach all the way back to the machine.