Komatsu S132 - 2021

Effective, flexible and reliable harvester head in all kinds of forests

Komatsu S132 - 2021

New, updated Komatsu S132 of 2021 year model is a flexible and adaptable head. It's reliable and efficient even in the most difficult forests. With powerful tractive force and effective delimbing the harvester head delivers high productivity.

Flex Friction Control

With Flex Friction Control, the trunk's position in the feed line is regulated with a sensor in the vertical knife. The result is low friction without sacrificing delimbing quality.

Constant Cut

The Komatsu S132 is equipped with a Constant Cut saw unit. This saw unit limits the chain speed to a maximum of 40m/s, which guarantees a high cutting speed without compromising safety.

Find End Laser

Find End Laser is a new option for S132. When Find End Laser is activated, the head reverses to the root end and resets the length measurement without cutting the stem. This maximises the timber length and increases the production capacity, leading to higher profit. Also useful when the head is used as a processing head.

Minimised downtime

Smart hose routing that minimises downtime

Service friendly

Service friendliness is seen most of all in the good accessibility to service points, valve assemblies and other important components


S132 2021


Komatsu S132
Max widht

1 689 mm (66.5”)

Height incl. rotator

2 142mm (84.3”)

Opening knives, upper

641 mm (25.2")

Opening knives, lower

690 mm (27.2")

Roller opening, max

625 mm (24.6”)

Roller diameter

532 mm (20.9”)


Dry weight, incl rotator, from 1 380 kg (3,042 lb)

Feed speed

0-5 m/s (0-16,4 ft/s)

Gross feed force

Feed roller motor dependent: 21,0/26,1/28,7 kN

Feed wheel type


Delimbing knives, number



82,5 cm (32.5”)

Saw motor

19 cm3/rev (1.16 cu in/rev)

Fell/Cut diam. theor. max

710 mm (27.9”)

Max hydraulic flow

330 l/min (87.2 gal/min)

Max hydraulic pressure

28 MPa (4,061 psi)

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, not that which is standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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