The Komatsu 951XC is a final logging specialist and the third addition to Komatsu’s eight wheeled harvester range.

“We now have a complete range of eight wheeled machines specially designed for demanding conditions,” says Joakim Johansson, Product Manager Harvesters at Komatsu Forest.

Compact yet strong
Demand for an eight-wheeled harvester for final logging has been great, and the idea of an eight-wheeled 951 has been around for some time. The challenge was to design a machine for harvesting large trees without making it too cumbersome.

“What’s special about the 951XC is that it combines the strength of a 951 with an extremely compact design. It actually has about the same dimensions as a 931XC and so can even be used in denser stands,” Joakim explains.

The Komatsu 951XC is optimized for use with the Komatsu C164 – a harvester head specially designed for logging large trees.

“However, naturally, it works just as well with our highly popular C144 head. This makes it a versatile machine with the capacity to harvest extremely large trees,” says Joakim.

Low ground pressure and great stability
Thanks to the eight-wheel design, the 951XC delivers lower ground pressure, meaning less impact on the forest floor. It is mainly intended for final logging in hilly terrain and on soft ground. Another important factor when working in steep terrain is stability. The Komatsu 951XC has a number of features that make it one of the most stable harvesters on the market. In addition to the tried-and-tested Komatsu concept, the eight-wheeled XC series harvesters have a bogie on the rear frame with two suspension systems – comprised of the swinging rear axle and a bogie – giving the machines completely unique handling characteristics.

“Our bogie with twin suspension systems is an innovation of which we’re extremely proud. As well as increasing stability by lowering the machine’s center of gravity, the machine follows irregularities in the terrain in a forgiving manner while delivering excellent maneuverability in challenging terrain conditions,” Joakim explains.

A workplace to long for
The cab is one of the most important parts of a machine – after all, this is where you spend your working day as an operator. Just like all Komatsu harvesters, the 951XC has a comfort- able operator environment with a spacious cab, excellent visibility, and a pleasant cab climate. Thanks to the machine’s stability and leveling cab, the operator is always seated level without the need to stretch and strain to maintain a good seating position.

“A relaxed operator can keep their energy level up as well as maintain their focus and a high production rate for longer. And if you choose the Smart Crane option, you get an even more easily maneuvered crane that delivers amazing precision,” Joakim comments.

Based on tried-and-tested solutions
In the development of the Komatsu 951XC, the engineers at Komatsu Forest have been able to turn to innovative, tried-and-tested solutions devised in the development of previous models. Over the years, these have been refined by means of continual improvement. One example is the parallel crane, which thanks to its clever design is fast in its outward movements, when the head is unloaded, and powerful in its return movements, when the head is heavily loaded. Another example is the levelling function for the cab and crane that makes the machine a strong performer even on inclines, which is, of course, especially advantageous when harvesting in hilly terrain.

“There are many good examples of innovations that have stood the test of time. My favorite probably remains the Komatsu concept, a feature that came about back in 1984 and means that even today we still have some of the most stable machines on the market,” Joakim ends.

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