Therefore, Komatsu Forest has joined forces with the Komatsu companies in Europe and the parent company Komatsu Ltd in Japan and donates approximately SEK 1.2 million to charitable causes. The donation goes to the international organization Médecins Sans Frontieres and local support organizations in the UK, Italy and Brazil.

Most of the donation goes to MSF´s international fundraiser, so they can use the money for the efforts they find most urgent in the fight against the pandemic.
- The situation is made more difficult for already vulnerable groups. Therefore, it feels important to be able to contribute to MSF's global work to help people in need, says Jens Bengtsson, CEO of Komatsu Forest.

MSF directs its efforts to places where people live in difficult conditions, such as refugee camps or conflict areas, where access to health care is already very limited and where the outbreak of Covid-19 is very severe. In many countries where they work, there are few medical facilities and hardly any intensive care. Like many aid organizations, MSF experiences difficulties in operating due to the pandemic, as travel restrictions along with the infectious virus affect both patients and employees. MSF is largely dependent on individual and private donations to fund its operations.

In the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil, the pandemic has hit the population hard and Komatsu has chosen to target the grant to local relief efforts. In the UK, the money goes to Peoples Kitchen and Carlisle Foodbank. In Italy, the grant is directed to the efforts of the Red Cross locally. In Brazil, the contribution to health care protective equipment goes to the Açailândia / MA Health Department. The city is very poor and the stress on health care is great.

In this way, Komatsu wants to give MSF and the local support organizations a contribution so that they can continue with their important work.